Thala Diwali!

This post is long overdue. Diwali this year was on the 12th of this month. The first Diwali after wedding is something special. Being away from family do hurt a lot more during festivities. This was one such moment. Me and my husband were all nostalgic about our childhood during this festival.

Deepavali – Festival of lights. Mythological Demon Narakasura’s death is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness. Usually we lit lamps, burst crackers and of course there is sweets and savory. My best memory of Diwali is me and my brother fighting to lit the crackers. Its a day of all light and sound with a lot of explosive crackers. We get up at 3 am to get started before everyone else in the neighborhood. New clothes were one other thing to look forward to.

This year being here in Denver, we did miss all of that. Trying hard to make ourselves feel festive , me and my friends planned a south indian feast!


We wore saree and made our style food. Its our custom to eat over the banana leaf. Payasam (sweet), Aviyal (veggies with coconut), potato curry, parupusilli (lentils), vadai, sambar, rasam,curd, papad, pickle…yummm!

We lit lamps and played with sparkles. All this together made us feel festive and more at home.


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