My first Halloween Party :O

My husband birthday is on 30th Oct and its my first Halloween. So what did i do? I clubbed both. I threw a Halloween themed Birthday party.


It was so much fun planning the menu. It all had to be at least a little spooky and not too spooky considering its a birthday party.

So see for yourself what i ended up doing.


20151030_190646 20151030_190641

Bloody Fingers: Roll up the bread with peanut butter and stick an almond to make the nail. Add a little sauce to make the bloody look.

Gaucky Bats : Guacamole with black tortillas for wings. Olives for the eyes.



Jack O Lantern Quesadilla: Cut the tortilla in the shape of the jack o lantern and stuff with any filling you like. It was black bean stuffing in my case.

*I had to have at least one Indian food.



Spooky Spiders: Chocolate web as the background. To do this, melt chocolate chips and using a piping cone make the outline of the web on a parchment paper. Let it cool and you get a chocolate web. The spider is made up of chocolate and i have used pretzels for the legs.

Many of my friends mistook my spiders for a crab. So lets call mine a spooky cross of both.

Ghost Strawberries: Dip the strawberries in white chocolate and draw the faces with dark chocolate.


Mint flavored cake with chocolate decor:


It was a fun day and my husband was so surprised with the dinner menu 🙂


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