Devil’s Head Lookout

Its the Halloween month! We did something remotely close to doing something Halloweeny this weekend.. We went hiking on a trail called Devil’s Head trail. Wondering what’s the Halloweeny thing? The name “Devil”. Ok it’s lame. Moving on..

It is 2.8 mile (round trip) hike with an elevation gain of 940 feet. The first stretch of the hike felt steep but it was quite pretty with few aspen trees adding color to the trail. We hiked the entire trail in the shadows of the trees. It was cool and breezy. The trails were covered with the yellow confetti of the aspen trees.


The trail got easier as we moved ahead. After about half a way, there was a very steep path but it was paved with close rails to helps us get more friction. We saw a lot of chipmunks on the way. We first mistook them for squirrels. As they look a lot like them and well they belong to the same family. A fellow hiker corrected us. Chipmunks are smaller in size and they aid forest growth when they move seeds around.

We reached the top and the view was incredible.


From here its another 143 steps up to the top of fire lookout tower. Its more than a 100 years old and is the only fire lookout tower still in service.



The view from up the tower is amazing. A 100 mile view from all the. A 360 degree view. It was so spectacular.



Elevation of 9748




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