Kebler Pass

After a beautiful weekend at Aspen, we started our way back to Denver. The trip isn’t over yet!

We are not yet done with the color yellow.

That’s how we started our drive back and it was a beautiful, magnificent, amazing drive. It would make you go -Wow!

We started at Aspen and decided to drive through the Kebler Pass. The drive to Kebler Pass from Aspen took us 2 hours but it was a nice drive. With the Aspen trees all around us and a creek running next to the road.


Kebler pass is closed during the winters and some parts of it is not fully paved. It is a gravel road.

This is the first view point we choose to stop at.


Next was this beautiful road filled with Aspen trees on both sides of the road. It was dense as well. It was 1230 PM hence, the sun was at the top glazing over the yellow leaves. This made them look like they were on fire!

Deep bright Yellow!


There was a pine tree in between the Aspen trees. The shedding Aspen tree has sprayed its leaves over the pine tree and the result is…


Its like a Christmas tree, except its not bulbs but those are yellow leaves. Pretty isn’t it?

The entire drive is so beautiful, mostly filled with yellow trees.



I couldn’t believe my eyes. This picture perfect spot looks like a painting to me. Its hard to accept the fact that it is real and i am seeing it! Maybe cause i have seen such a scenic beauty only in paintings. The way our brain works….


Shades of yellow, green, orange and the grey mountain with the blue sky. Colorful Colorado it is!!!


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