Drive back from Kebler Pass to Denver

After the long drive through, we badly wanted a break. We halted at Crested Butte for lunch. It was a small town yet very pretty, with the beautiful yellow mountains as its backdrop.

After lunch we continued our drive towards Cottonwood pass. It was a dusty gravel road. We halted at the Taylor Park Reservoir.




A change of scenery from all yellow to blue. Surrounded by mountains.

We drove to the CottonWood Pass.




It is a Continental divide. Also known as “the Divide,” this ridge runs along the crests of the Rocky Mountains north to south; rivers and streams west of the divide flow to the Pacific Ocean, and east of the divide to the Gulf of Mexico.

The weather was in our favor. Even at such high elevation, it was not so cold.

Our final stop before Denver was Buena Vista. We made a halt for coffee. The cafe was very next to the Arkansas river. We had panned to River Raft there before but unfortunately the water level wasn’t good enough for rafting.





It was so soothing to have hot coffee with feet dipped in the cold river water and breeze blowing your hair.

To add icing to the cake, the rest of the drive was at night but we still had something to see and enjoy. Nature. The lunar eclipse. We saw the blood moon!

It was such a wonderful trip! A weekend with nature!


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