Deer Creek Canyon Park

Last Weekend our hiking destination was Deer Creek Canyon Park.

A week without a hike feels incomplete to me now. We choose a small hike of 3 miles round trip.


We took the Meadowlark trail up the hill which has an elevation gain of 850′. It was hot summer day and birds kept us company almost through the hike. We could see the beginning of fall over the mountains. Shades of yellow, orange, red had just started to show. I really hope the fall colours set by this weekend at Maroon Bells! (Yup that would be my next post :D!)


We managed to break a sweat and were eager to start our way down the hill through the Plymouth Creek trail. This trail is supposed to be next to creek but unfortunately the water had dried up. Still, this trail was so cool due to the tree’s shadows. It was a breeze to walk down this trail.


We were happy to end the entire hike by an hour as we still had another half of day of the weekend!


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