Hiking in Mt. Galbraith Park

Mt. Galbraith park is a hikers only destination. It has rocky, narrow trails of nearly five miles. The trail leads to the views of Golden.

We choose this for our weekend hike as it was close by and the difficulty was said to be moderate. This hike was so much fun as we went with our friends.


This sign spooked us a little but we didn’t spot or hear any rattlesnake. (Luckily for us!)


We decided to do the Mt. Galbraith loop. This loop as you can see in the map, goes around the Mt peak. The trail was rocky and narrow. As we started our hike in the noon, the sun was not very friendly to us. Through out the trail we were looking for trees to rest under them.


The narrow path, rocky trail and tall grass made the hike closer to the natural setting.


When we reach a higher point, we could spot the popular buildings around Golden. We spotted Denver Downtown (our usual lookout spot from the hikes), school of mines etc. We could also see the Table mountain from the peak of the loop.


We weren’t feeling very tired thanks to the non – stop entertainment by our fellow hikers. We were a group of 7, that made the hike so much fun. The trail by itself wasn’t difficult either. We reached the top and had our lunch and started back to the trail head.

By the end we reached our cars we were exhausted and so damn thirsty. Though we took a lot of water with us the sun had taken a toll on us. We drove to Golden Downtown to get something cold.

We went to a cafe and all seven of us sat with a glass of cold water. Ah! the sweet taste of water..the smoothing feeling that it brought in us….Small pleasures of life!

We brought our drinks and went about walking along the Clear Creek.

The kids were having a blast in the water. Jumping into the creek and splashing the water on each other. The water was so cold that many of them were shivering for the first few minutes in the water. There were many tubers (water tubing – floating) floating on the creek. Must be so relaxing.


We creek is very shallow which allows everyone of all ages to have fun in the water. We have all decided to go tubing some day! It sure looks fun.


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