Seven Falls!

Having seen the seven falls from the Mt Cutler summit, we were having second thoughts of actually going to seven falls. The bad reviews for the place was also at fault for that. The newly renovated Seven falls is worth the $14 fee and the 224 steps climb. After two years the Seven falls has been reopened this summer.

The seven falls parking is near the Broadmoor Resort, from where there is a shuttle to the Seven falls.


One can choose to take the tram or walk to the center of the park where the 1858 restaurant. We chose to take the tram. There is a tram service every five minutes.


From the place you get dropped off, one can either take the mountain elevator to the eagle’s nest which is a view point or take the 224 steps to the top of the falls. We did both.

Firstly we took the elevator to the eagle’s nest. The path to the elevator is like a cave. The wet and cold interiors makes you feel like you are in a cave.


Its a beautiful view of the seven falls from the eagle’s nest. To reach this place you can take the stairs too.


Next we took the 224 steps to the top of the falls. The steps are narrow and small. Its quite a climb.


First 4 of 7 falls


Next 2:


The 7th:


At this point there are two trails. One is the midnight falls trail and other is the inspiration point trail. Inspiration point trail leads to the place where Helen Hunt grave was previously. It was moved later by her family. As the name suggest this was one of those places which inspired her.

Midnight falls trail leads to another fall.


It is another pretty spot. We sat on the sides of the falls watching the water splash and sprinkle on us.

We started our way back and taking the stairs now was a little scary.


At the end of the day, we were happy we made the right choice by coming here.


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