Helen Hunt Falls

Colorado Springs again! Our original plan was to go to Seven falls but then after doing my homework i got to know that the Helen Falls is just as good and free. Helen Hunt falls is located inside the Cheyenne Canon Park which has numerous hiking trails of different difficulty levels. There is another Park namely Cheyenne Mountain State park which could be confusing. This park has a lot of trails with higher difficulty and possibility of encountering wildlife is higher. They also have camping sites.

So we reached Cheyenne Canon Park and drove to the Helen Hunt falls. This year, rainfall has been abundant and the falls looks more agile due to that. The falls is named after the famous poet and writer – Helen Hunt. Many of her literature works were inspired by the views from these mountains in Colorado Springs.

One of her poems is engraved at the Pike peak summit too. She describes the beauty of these views and how it has touched her deeply. Ah! how i wish i could express myself that well.




Very near to the falls, there is Silver Cascade trail which is short. Cold breeze helped us move along faster. Being amidst the nature brings serenity in us. We felt light. The water gushing down and leaves rustling were the music being played. At the top of the trail we could see water reaching the falls. This fall is called the Silver Cascading falls.




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