Flatirons – Boulder

Hike after hike has become my weekend activity and i am quite enjoying it. It has come to point where my friends text me and ask which mountain this weekend?

So this weekend it was Flatirons, Boulder. This time we went with our friends. More people,more fun. Since it is summer and near the University, there were a lot of people hiking, biking and new one here mountain climbing! We took a easier trail and covered about 3 miles and it was good afternoon activity.


After we hiked half way, we reached the spot where people do mountain climbing. We were watching the mountain climbers in awe. We could hardly walk our way up to this point and there they were climbing up the mountain in no time. We were scared for them actually. How will they get down? What if they slip?

More people joined in the mountain climbing. Dusting their hands, moving up the mountain wearing their special shoes. We just talked about trying it someday and continued our hike.


As usual there was a pretty view from the top.

There were apple trees along the sides of the trail, but it wasn’t season so we couldn’t see any apples. What was different about this trail was the brown rusty rocks. We walked through them and the rusty brown rocks were quite a background.



We have now made a hike routine. Hike to the top, picnic up there and get down. We had our lunch and started hiking our way down.



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