Downtown Boulder – Pearl Street Mall

After the hike we went to the Boulder Downtown – Pearl Street Mall. It was more or less like the Denver downtown. People enjoying the Summer!

There were street performers.

It was nice to hear them play music. They were a lot of such performers all along the street.

We got to see some juggling, different type of instruments and some sang along too..the statue act and some other stunts..

20150815_151654 20150815_154721

We went to a great tea place – Ku cha tea house. They had all kinds of tea and very very cute tea pots.

They were so darn cute. I really loved all the small cute tea pots they had. They had something called a tea companion which is a small frog made out of clay ( i think). You are supposed to pour some of the tea on it when you have your tea and its believed to bring you good luck. The best part of this place was the tea room. Its a traditional Chinese tea house.

20150815_152404  20150815_152312


20150815_152251 IMG_3353


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