Pikes Peak!

Aaaah yes! A mountain again…This one is taller than the previous – 14,110 feet. This is one of most popular 14er in Colorado. People go biking, hiking or just drive up there. Another means of transport is the world highest Cog train which is open during all the seasons.

We choose to drive. Just as we started our journey up the hill is the Crystal Reservoir. This Reservoir is visible from up the hill and makes the view pretty as this will be the only water body visible.


Next point was the Big Foot Seen Spot. There is lookout sign for big foot!! As surprising as it was, it seems it was put up as there were quite a few rangers who had spotted a Big foot like creature in that area.



We drove higher and it was a scary drive. The roads were narrow as we drove up and there were no fence. The roads were steep so the drive wasn’t that long but the closer we got to the top we felt the cold breeze and felt like moving closer to the sky. Thats the best feeling of driving up the hill. Feeling like you are closer to the sky, passing through the clouds.



We reached to the top to see the breathtaking view. The view wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye. There were so many people of different age hiking and biking to the top of the hill 14,000 feet. Many of them asking for lift to get back down the hill as they really didn’t have the energy to do the same again. A sense of accomplishment and smiles on their faces and lying down on the ground unable to walk a further more. The biking would have been fun down the hill, i am sure. I so want to hike a 14er myself. That entails training for weeks and all that stamina. I hope i do it one day.

We went to the top and the cold breeze blowing. It was 12 C and its the hottest of the year.






The view is like that you see from up from a plane and well you are in such a altitude. We enjoyed the view and our hot chocolate with the cold breeze blowing.

It is recommended to drive up the hill with the AC off and when you drive the way down it is recommended to drive in your lowest gear and use less of the brakes. Like i mentioned earlier its a steep drive so the way down wasn’t tricky. Mid way they even check if your brakes are over heated.

We stopped at a picnic spot for the lunch. Having food amidst nature makes the normal day to day food somehow better. It was a great trip all in all.


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