Denver Downtown

Its been a month since i moved to The mile high city, Denver. People who have lived here for a while really really appreciate the Summer. Its really a Summer Vacation here. Cos here the Summer is the only time you get to go outdoors and do fun activities. The rest of the year is snowing and well harsh climate i hear. Since i am new here i don’t understand it much. Personally i am waiting for the snow to come as it would be my first snow. But it looks like i will be only one. (ppl who have not experienced snow yet). Summer is really enjoyed i mean really. I say really twice because there are so many free events just to celebrate summer – Movies at the parks, free games on certain dates, laser show and more.

Downtown is the happening place of the city featuring various entertainment, shopping and cultural options.

Last Friday, we walked the entire stretch of the 16th street Mall. It was a pleasant walk with a varied crowd around. The young and hip looking for places to party, the children running around and the parents running behind, dog lovers and their loved dogs…so on. There was a band playing their music too. It was quite an entertaining walk.



There were horse carriages which you could opt for if you don’t wanna walk. Also carriages, cycled by men (rickshaw). I watched all that went around me as i walked hand in hand with my husband. We ended our day having dinner in Rioja.  Parking during Friday nights at Downtown is quite a nightmare. We found a spot after few rounds around the blocks. During which we came to know about the Block party on Aug 15th. Maybe another trip to downtown next week too!


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