Another Hike – Mt Falcon

We packed our lunch and started for the picnic at the Mount top. It was so sunny and scorching hot as we moved up in elevation.

There are various trails a hiker could that on Mt falcon. We took turkey trout and castle trail which comes to a total of 6 miles round trip. It was hard to hike in the sun and the path was rocky.


As you can see, we have the view of the Red Rocks, Downtown skyline…


These trails is very popular among the bikers. We came across at least ten bikers on the trails. The trail is paved in such a way to accommodate biking..such as a mat in the slopes to help the bikers slow down faster and get control.


We reached this spot where the Summer White house was planned to be built. There are just some ruins and this board tells you what they are.



We reached the top and i was exhausted and ready to eat. We open our packed lunch and the winds started to blow harder and in a matter of minutes it started to drizzle. At first i loved the way it felt. Rain drops on my face and cold breeze blowing my hair..But in a matter of minutes i started to feel so cold..i couldn’t feel my hands they were so numb. We ran our way to a closed picnic spot. We waited there for the rain to pass.


We ran as the rain slowed down hoping its a little sunnier down the hill. (Man the weather change is so erratic in Denver!)


The rain made the path marshy but it was so bad. We ran down carefully to the bottom and the body ache is the proof that we did do a tough hike!


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