My First Dinner Party!

After we got our Dinner table, i told my husband i was ready to entertain. So last weekend we had invited our friends to a dinner party. First one as a couple and first one ever for me. So we invited 10 of our friends home and had planned a nice four course dinner with games. (So we planned – Xbox, cards…)


As i wanted at least close to perfect dinner, i had a lot of pre planning to do which included me bothering my husband with all of it. Anyways after a lot of thought i decided the menu.


First Course: Minty Pea Soup
Second Course: Cheesy Bell pepper stuffed Tortilla Scoops for appetizer
Third Course: Channa Pulav, Chappatis with Aloo Gravy and Raita for main course
Fourth Course: Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Frosting for dessert.


I prepared the chocolate fudge the day before and refrigerated it. Its fun baking 🙂

The rest of it, we prepared the very same day. It was a challenge to cook for 10 people as i haven’t done it before. The measurements and handling the huge amount of everything..that was the tough part. Cooking for 2-4 people was no struggle for me. But it was fun and a very good experience. I succeeded quite decently considering its my first attempt.

So around 6, we had cooked everything but the chappatis. We were ready for our guests.

We played Xbox a little, ate a lot and spoke about everything under the sun.


Our food was totally edible and so i am calling it a SUCCESS!


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