Cherry Creek Park


We spent our Sunday morning lazing around and caught a movie – Bahubali (Tamil). The movie was really good considering the graphics and picturization of the war sequences, but well the movie doesn’t end with this part and has kept all its audience hanging which i didn’t really like about the movie. Anyways this post isn’t about the movie, its about the park..So getting back to the topic… In the evening we decided to do some physical activity and ended up going to the Cherry Creek Park.

This particular park is a state park and is HUGE! (3346 acres) I can’t believe that such a huge area in centre of the city is a park, but it is! This park has a lot of trails to jog, bike or just walk by. Deers running around, Prairies heading out from their burrows, colourful birds can all be spotted as you go through the trail.




What i like the most about this park is the Swim Beach. Yes! Being a land locked state there is no beach here. So there you go an Artificial Beach. This park has an 880 acre of reservoir. It is open to public for boating and other water activities.


We took a trail and went to the beach. There were Gooses and pelicans all over the place. It was a nice place to relax and stroll. We dipped our feet in the water which had small ripples (wave like) due to the wind. It was cold and soothing. We started from there after the sunset. The yellowish orange sky and its reflection in the water was so pleasing.  We didn’t cover even half of the park. Its more suitable to bike in the park. Its more of an plain land with small wildlife around.




So we got our day’s physical activity!


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