Guanella Pass

After the visit of Glenwood Springs, we started to drive back to Denver. An one and a half hour delay was expected due to traffic. So just to escape that we thought we would drive by Georgetown.


GeorgeTown is at an elevation of 8530 feet from sea level and is surrounded by mountains. It is a historic silver mine and hence called Silver Queen of Colorado. We had originally planned just to see the cute small historic downtown of the town but ended up driving to the Guanella Pass seeing a sign nearby.

The Guanella Pass Summit is about 10 miles from GeorgeTown. The drive to the summit was similar to how i described the hike and the drive to the Hanging lake. Creek following you till the top, lakes on the side now and then and the mountains!


Through out the drive i noticed many campers, camping in this region. There are few campgrounds for the same. Intrigued to go through the camping experience. Maybe sometime!


This particular spot (i assume) is not that popular, as there were no one at the top when we reached the summit. It was a stunning view of peaks from there. It is at 11670 feet elevation and even in Summer the breeze makes you feel cold.


All around (360 degrees) there were mountains..Too much of mountains uh…what to do i am in colorado. And i am not done yet!



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