Hanging lake and Spouting rock

Its time for a hike! This weekend we decided to go Glenwood Springs. Its a 3 hour drive from Denver.

The drive itself has a few scenic outlooks. The below is one such outlook. It has the view of all the peaks and a lake as you can see.


As we drove, we could see different types of mountains rocky mountains, mountains covered with shrub (green mountain), red coloured mountain  and so on. Further up the route, a river starts along by your side till you reach the hanging lake trail. Watching the beautiful river (eagle river) running on top of the pebbles and the rocks made the drive so much easier.  There is a rail track next to the river. This rail goes underneath the mountains and i am sure it has a quite a view all along the ride.  Even the drive is through few tunnels. Every time we pass a tunnel, i realise i am under the mountain…

Though the boards said the parking was full, we tired our luck. Luck favoured us.

So there we started our hike. My husband who has hiked before (done a 14er) insisted i get myself hiking shoes and am just so glad i did. We were well prepared with all the water we needed and even food for us to picnic at the hanging lake. Thanks to my husband’s camelback.


This hike is considered a difficult one considering we cover an elevation of 1020 feet in about 1.2 miles (1.9 Km).

The trail is rocky and makes you feel part of nature. One can spot squirrels, different types of birds along the way. A creek runs down along the path just to add to the beauty of the trail.



We halted at points to catch our breaths and also to take in the beauty of the creek running. We also saw a small beautiful waterfall. The water doesn’t fall from a great height nor is the width of the fall so huge, yet the water flowing on the different shades of green to the beautiful rusty brown rocks makes it picture perfect.


Birds chriping, sound of the water flowing,magnificent mountains all around you and the green plants makes you one with the nature. It gives you so much peace that it makes you wonder if it is just that simple.

Finally we reached the top. So this was the view from there.


The hanging lake is set to be a natural wonder as its formed by a fault line (tectonic plates). It is made by deposit of minerals and the ecosystem here is quite unusual and hence fragile. The minerals in the bed of the clear lake gives it a beautiful aqua blue colour.


IMG_3034 IMG_3051

Its called hanging lake as its hanging in between mountains. Once you reach there, you forget all the pain in your body and feel its all worth it as you get to see this natural wonder.

There are benches for you to rest and enjoy the wonder. Since the ecosystem there is fragile, even touching the water is prohibited. But we get to walk behind the small waterfall and feel the cold water spatter on you.


From the hanging lake, there is another trail up which is little rocky which takes you to the spouting rock.

There is a beautiful waterfall and a cave behind the waterfall where you can walk into and feel the water.


We started to descend on the trail back. Gravity did help in getting down faster. This is when i realised how much my hiking shoes help. It gives the grip you need on the rocky path.


All along the hike we kept drinking water to keep us hydrated. It was easier as we had the camel back.

The hike was refreshing even though my body ached and i felt accomplished as i finished the hike without much hiccups. It was such a pleasure to be part of the nature and to enjoy the beauty of it.

Best things in life are free!


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  1. Uma says:

    really awesome pics… Usha always thopu😅😅😅


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