Rocky Mountains!

Colorado is popularly known as Colourful Colorado because of its scenery brought in by mountains, rivers and plains. It is indeed colourful. One part of this attributes to the mountains and thats where i began.. (my exploration of Colorado) the rocky mountains!

We took the Trail Ridge Road. This is the road to the sky. The highest point in this road is 12,183 feet elevation.


The view as you drive to the top and back is breath taking. When you start your drive you see the mountains at a distance and all greenery around you. As you go further you see the pine trees all around.


Its a long drive of beautiful colours. There are many lakes, view points and Trails for hiking on the way.

The biggest lakes of all was the Grand lake. The Trail ridge road is very well maintained and organised with a lot of picnic spots on the way.

We visited this one spot on the map – Irene lake. The lake, the trees around…the colours and cold breeze along with the bright was enjoyable and the view was just so perfect.


Green and blue are just the colours to please your eyes aren’t they?

We had our lunch near the lake and started to drive further up.

Went above the tree level. The sky was clear that day and we felt like driving closer to the sky and there we reached the highest point on the road.

We could see the green pine trees below, lakes and snow capped mountains. All those colours and the scenic view…we got down from the car to realise the wind blowing. It was so damn cold. we had to walk in a trail to go to the highest point..the elevation and the wind was not helping. But it was all totally worth it. It was an amazing view from up there.



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