Thank You :)

Finally i have got some time for myself and i am gonna use this time to write to all my dear ones how special they made my Big day! A huge big thanks to my sweet sweet parents for their eternal support and oodles of love. IMG_0111 My mom as i always say is “Super Mom” (like superman). She meticulously planned and organised everything. I have no words to actually describe the effort and thought put into arranging everything. Right from the locks to the rooms till the food arrangements, she was the point of contact for everything related. She stood by me patiently while i chose my sarees, designed my blouses and all the confusions and tantrums that came along with that. Nobody can be as patient as you Mom. I always look up to you and i wish i am like you at least some 10 %. You are my role model. Thank you mom for everything. My dad…My superhero like every dad is for their daughter. He is the superman to my super mom. Constant support to all our desires and with full enthusiasm he did everything i could ever wish for even before i wish it. I never had to ask for anything. Thank you dad for all that you have done for me and for being the sweetest person in my life. I can’t express how i feel but i owe so so so much to you both. Thank you so much. Love you loads. IMG_0421 My dear Bro. With so much kenjal he finally agreed to wear a suit and veshti in which he rocked. He was like the hero of the entire event (second hero ;)) He kept checking on how things were going with the wedding despite his own problems. Thank you da for being here and taking care of stuff at the wedding. For being the support that our parents needed. Thambi udayaan padaikku anjaan. My AathaisIMG_0850 Both my aathais were sweet enough to come well before the wedding to help us out. Kousi Aathai…It means so much to us that you came and helped us get organised. You took pati’s role in instructing all of us in the rituals and the planning. You made us all look all beautiful with your expert opinions. You are a great deal of support to us Aathai. Thank you so much. Mythreyi Aathai…We always feel helpless with Pati’s Tantrums, but you came to our rescue. We felt so relaxed and comfortable that you were with Pati. You have no idea how easy your presence has made the situation for us. Special thanks to you for agreeing to stay another day. Its a day you had to lose with your son but you did it anyway for us and Pati. I am really grateful Aathai. Through and through both my dear Aathais thanks for making my day so much more special. I really loved having you all around. My AthimbersIMG_0010 Crs Athimber: Your enthusiasm is unbeatable. Thank you Athimber for getting involved in everything and helping out everywhere necessary. IMG_0725 Sridharan Athimber: Cashier of the wedding. A lot of responsibility was taken by you by being the cashier. Meticulously without any hesitation, you took the full role and i heard gave us a very clear picture in accounting terms. Thank you so much Athimber 🙂 Cousins: IMG_1304 Nandhini: Priority numbering of luggages, packing of all the stuff and guarding the jewellery and what not. We have amazing people with awesome management skills in our family. Thank you for all the assurances that you gave that i looked good ( 😉 i needed a lot 😀 ) Indu, Sriram & Priyanka: Really loved having you around. Indu, thank you for being so excited about my wedding and you kept asking about the progress and made me feel all excited 😀 Sriram: Thanks da for lifting me. I know it was no easy task. 😉  I really felt so happy that you both came as i got a chance to meet Priyanka. We missed you Arun and Madhu. IMG_1243 Thank you all so much for making me feel so loved. I felt like a princess being pampered by this beautiful big family. Love you all.


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    My pleasure.





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